General Information

We respect your right to privacy. Our policy is simple: your personal data is none of our business. We are not interested in collecting, storing, or using your personal data except for the particular elements of this data that are necessary for the proper functioning of our application.

We use modern technologies for protecting you personal data, as well as instruments for limiting the access available to our employees to data not necessary for their work.

Use of the Site

On the site there are two forms: Registration for testing and feedback.

When you register for the beta test, we will ask you for your email address. However, this address will neither be stored nor used for commercial purposes, and will be used only for sending an email to invite you to test the application and another email thanking you for participating in the testing.

While you are filling out the feedback form, we ask you to indicate your name and any way we can contact you. As in the previous case, this information is neither stored nor used for commercial purposes. It is used only to answer any questions or requests, if a reply in necessary. If no reply is necessary, we only keep the original message.

Use of the Application

In order for you to use the application, we need only one item from your personal data - your mobile phone number. This is how we establish your identity.

However, for you to get the most out of the application, we ask for access to several areas of your device that may contain personal data:

  • Access to the camera and gallery. While you are setting up the image for your profile, we need access to your camera in order for you to be able to take a photograph, or access to your photo gallery, so that you can choose a photo that already exists.
  • Access to your contacts. We periodically synchronize data from the address book of your device and note the users that have already connected to Audienza.
  • Access to the calendar. We periodically synchronize the meetings from Audienza with the events from the system calendar of your device.

After you have installed and opened the application, by default we do not have access to these sections, but ask permission the first time the application is launched. If permission is denied, the application will work as before, but you will not see if somebody from your contact list is connected to Audienza, you will not be able to set your profile picture from your photographs, and you will not be able to set up meetings arranged through Audienza with your current schedule from your system calendar.

There are privacy setting in the application that allow you to:

  • Configure who can see your calendar. By default all users of Audienza can see when you are busy or free. You can limit access to your schedule to certain contacts or completely forbid anyone from seeing see your schedule.
  • Configure who can set up meetings with you. By default, anybody can set up a meeting with any Audienza user that has been added to their contacts. Just as mentioned above, you can limit access to the people that are only in your contacts or forbid anybody from sending you an invitation.
  • Blacklist any user of Audienza. As before, users from the blacklist can send you an invitation or look at your schedule (if you haven’t already limited their access in the previous setting), yet you will neither receive any notifications from them nor will they be informed that they have been blacklisted.

If your calendar allows access to everyone, all users of Audienza can see only the times you are busy or free. The details of your meetings are at all times visible only to the participants of the meetings.

If the application freezes or crashes with an error message, we will automatically collect information about the incident in a special error log. The error log contains information about the device, operating system and technical parameters that were pertinent at the moment the error occurred, and do not contain any personal information.

The privacy policy may change and so we recommend periodically checking to see if it has been updated on this page. The last time this policy was changed was on March 29, 2019. Questions and comments about the privacy policy should be sent via the feedback form.